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Summer Lovin’

Love is so strange and wonderful that Johnny Paycheck, Mr Lovemaker, wrote a song about it

Love has the ability to change a person or their mood in an instant so yes love is indeed a strange and wonderful thing.


Summer is the season of love.  Many fall in love, confirm their love or unfortunately fall out of love.  If you are too in love to distinguish between right, wrong and what is best for you the Attorneys at B Lubbe & Associates will be there to open your eyes.  They will take your hands and guide you in the right direction by drafting an Antenuptial Contract that is best suited for you.


If you need someone to dry your tears after heartache the Attorneys at B Lubbe & Associates will be there to guide you through a divorce, setting the emotions aside and putting your needs first.  They will make this experience as painless as possible because at B Lubbe & Associates we care about you.

Nicola le Roux

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