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In South Africa, not all Attorneys are Notaries. To practice as a Notary, an Attorney must pass an additional examination and be admitted by the High Court as a Notary whereafter he/she may practice in certain areas of the law such as Authentication of documents, Marriage Contracts and certain aspects of Property Law (Conveyancing).

Berna Lubbe and Francis Thompson are such a qualified Notaries and can assist in the drafting of Notarial Agreements, Antenuptial Contracts (Prenups), Civil Union Contracts, Co-habitation Agreements, Notarial Servitudes and Notarial Bonds, and other agreements as well as Authentication of documents required by institutions abroad who generally no longer accept certification by Commissioner of Oaths.

Antenuptial (Prenup) agreements must be signed in front of a Notary Public prior to registration of the Antenuptial Contract in the Deeds Office. The signed contract must be signed before the Notary before the intended marriage is concluded and must be registered at the Deeds Office within three months from the date of signature.

As Notaries, we are authorised to authenticate documents or signatures on documents for the use of the documents in countries outside South Africa. Often the Notary’s signature must further be confirmed by the High Court by endorsing the documentation with an Apostille. The authority of Notaries in South Africa is recognised and accepted world wide.

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