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Drafting of Wills

Why draft your will with us?

We have been drafting Wills and administering deceased Estates since 1985 and are able to draft a Will tailor-made to your specific circumstances. Because of our experience in winding up Estates, we know the effect of the wording of your Will.

When an employee of a bank or financial institution offers to assist you with your will, consider the fact that leaving the drafting of your Will in the hands of someone without specialized knowledge and experience in the drafting of Wills and the administration of Estates, exposes your loved ones to an entire different set of potential pitfalls.

Many a court case has originated from ambiguous wording in a Will or a clause written in such a way as to not be practically enforceable. This can result in family divisions, bitterness and a lack of closure for those you leave behind.

We do not charge fees for the safekeeping of your Will in our safe and updating of your Will is done at a fraction of the fees.

Contact us to find out how we can help you with your Will.

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