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Selling or Purchasing a property and conveyancing of the property can be daunting and even emotionally draining for clients.

Although there are many good estate agents in the market with whom we enjoy working hand in hand, clients are often disappointed with the effect of a Deed of Sale signed by them whilst not fully aware of its legal implications and resulting in a frustrating conveyancing process. This is why we encourage our clients and prospective clients to consult with us before signing the Deed of Sale, to ensure that the Deed of Sale will have the result that the client desires and the conveyancing of the property runs smoothly.

We have been practicing as Conveyancing Attorneys since 1990 and strive to effect the conveyancing (transfer) of your property as quickly and efficiently as possible. During the conveyancing process, we build up a personal, yet professional relationship with our clients, the result being that we often find ourselves to be the preferred attorney for the entire family for their conveyancing and other property law related needs, always bearing in mind that our clients are the most important assets of our firm.

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