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Personal injuries

You may have heard it before, but it is true that if it was not your fault, you should not have to carry the cost.

It often happens that you incur a personal injury as a result of actions beyond your control and you may not wish to institute legal action for every injury, discomfort or loss that may occur.

However, when these personal injuries cause you to suffer financial loss or have long term physical or emotional effects, we can assist you in recovering damages from the guilty party.

  • Typical examples are:  going for a run and being bitten by a dog when its owner does not control the dog, slipping on a wet floor in public building, being caught in the malfunctioning revolving door of a shopping center

  • Professional Negligence for example:  Prescription errors;  Hospital/emergency room negligence;  Faulty blood transfusions;  Amputation of the wrong limb;  Removal of incorrect organ

Personal injuries as a result of slipping and falling, are often referred to as “Slip and Trip” injuries, and compensation can be claimed from the owners of businesses or properties because they are required by law to keep their premises in a reasonably safe condition to prevent harm to the general public.

If premises are not safe, the owners are required to warn the public of potential danger and failing to do so, will open the owner up to liability for injuries suffered.

We shall assess each case individually to establish the extent of the owner’s liability taking into account the facts as well as indemnities or disclaimers if applicable.

One of the most prevalent forms of personal injury results from the incorrect or inappropriate medical treatment or procedure or lack thereof by a Medical professional. This is called Medical Malpractice and includes doctors, specialists, nurses, dentists, physiotherapists, osteopaths, health care facilities and -services, such as nursing homes, etcetera.

The damages that you may have suffered can be in the form of costs and expenses medically, as well as costs incurred to improve your life after such an event (wheelchair, etcetera), loss of income, pain and suffering and more.

Such claims can be the result of incorrect diagnosis, treatment, management of illness or condition, lack of such diagnosis, treatment or management and each case will have to be managed independently with specific cognition of the facts.

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